Welcome Back Football, We Missed You!

The Preseason is upon us. The season, is upon us. If the country ever needed a distraction that’s welcomed from every corner; it’s the entertainment that only the NFL can provide.While the Olympics this year failed in bringing the world together for some sense of comradery, all rivals of the NFC’s and AFC’s can and are rejoicing that the gladiators that we as Americans worship, have returned to the gridiron. America has an addiction to violence; and we all relapse like recidivist. However, this is a welcomed celebration with absolutely no regrets; for once, no matter what affiliation, race, or socioeconomic status, the smiles are genuine. The anticipation is real. The incoming fury of heartache and disappointment is embraced with open arms.
Seeing the proceedings of the Hall of Fame festivities first hand, the nation has been in a sense of recovery for 179 days. We, as a nation have been teased by the NFL Draft, and some of us have been blessed to watch or partake in zoom calls involving college protege’s and future starters. But to every NFL fan, today is Christmas; no one knows what to expect, yet we all have our hands out.

With open pockets and minds, fans from across the globe descended upon the home of football; Canton Ohio. The history of football is only 101 years old professionally. Rutgers and Princeton have some years on the NFL game however; in which touchdowns were originally worth only 4 points. Through the formation of 14 teams in 1920, to the vision of what football could become by building mansions in the hearts of cities to reach the public in 1933. The Hall of Fame Musuem in Canton is an encyclopedia to the wandering football fan thirsty for knowledge and answers. There also isn’t a better place on earth, that could quench your football thirst, or dry out one’s wallet with such ease.
Football is non-discriminatory. Football is passed down from one generation to another. Football is taught, learned, practiced, followed, and handed down. Too bad we don’t honor our own lives, as much as we do our favorite pastime. This is one of those rare occasions, where 2 different worlds, like a Lynard Skynard fan, and an ATLien, could both have optimism about the Atlanta Falcons.

Inside of the Musuem, a beautiful red Model T sits hidden behind the front entrance of the football Mecca. The car, besides the fact that its a fully functional Model T, has its own football history to it. In 2019, the Model T was flown to Arizona, so it could be used as a prop piece for the 32 owners of the NFL to use in a photo. A picture says a 1000 words, and tells many stories of how the NFL has progressed, and yet still stays the same in regards to inclusion inside the room. The picture was taken 2 years ago; but there are many discrepancies that a true football junkie could decipher and explain. Some would forget that the Hall of Fame field in 2016 caught on fire, and cleats kept catching on it. The game had to be cancelled; that’s just some of the magic that is always provided whenever we as fans venture home to start the cycle again.

Pittsburgh and Dallas have been chosen to entertain America, and spark off the 102nd season of the NFL. Both teams are going through changes; one offensively, the other defensively. The reigning, defending Super Bowl champion carries the lowest winning percentage of any NFL team. The last three NFL MVP’s, possess completely different skill sets, yet are all quarterbacks. The souls of the greats will be immortalized this weekend; they will become a part of a team that they will never be cut from. The 2020 and 2021 class will be immortalized forever, and for 1 night, the country will be galvanized. by a common bond.  Hate won’t stop us, nor will a virus. NFL, welcome back; we missed you.