Mock Draft 2.0


2. JETS- WILSON QB. A cheap man’s Aaron Rodgers with a good arm. Could be a boom or bust for the Jets franchise.

3 S.F – PITTS -TE/WR. This is what nightmares are made of. Imagine a linebacking core having to cover George Kittle and Kyle Pitts in the NFC west?

4. DENVER-via ATL-LANCE -QB never mind the Teddy Bridgewater talk. Too much smoke, not enough proper screens. Trey Lance is their quarterback of the future.

5. CINCY-SEWELL-OT Having offensive weapons are nice. Not having knee surgeries every year is even better.

6. MIAMI-CHASE-WR Miami gives Tua the final piece he needs to have a successful offense. The best WR available.

7. DETROIT-SMITH-WR Need to replace Golladay and Jones. Who else but the slim reaper?New England-via

8. CAROLINA-FIELDS-QB Carolina allows the evil empire to be resurrected. Fields sits behind Cam for 1 year.

9. Atl-via DENVER-SURTAIN-CB ATL begins to stop the bleeding that we’ve seen for years on defense.

10. DALLAS-HORN-CB. If you seen Dallas’s secondary, this isn’t even a question. S.O.S

11. GIANTS-SLATER-OL Danny can’t drop dimes if he’s constantly on the ground searching for pennies. Andrew Thomas last year helped on one side, you have to solidify the other.

12. CHARGERS-PAYE-LB you need a clone to replace Melvin Ingram. Who better than the Michigan stand out?

13. EAGLES-PARSONS-LB the eagles need everything short of six hail Mary’s and Jesus’es. Stop the bleeding on defense by getting the local kid.

14. VIKINGS-TUCKER-VERA-OT Kirk cousins might actually be good if he had time to throw the ball. Dalvin Cook would approve of this message as well.

15. CAROLINA-via N.E- WADDLE -WR Losing Curtis Samuel does not help the rebuilding Panthers. Gaining Jaylen Waddle, makes that offense dynamic again.

16. ARIZONA-NEWSOME-CB There is a lot of ways that Arizona can go, but they need to replace the loss of Patrick Peterson.

17. RAIDERS-J.O.K (HYBRID) The Raiders secondary is pathetic. But they also had issues stopping the run. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah can help change the landscape on defense.

18. MIAMI- COLLINS-LB Imagine Brian Flores with a tool that he could utilize all over the field? Imagine a linebacker that’s 270 lb but can hang with wide receivers and tight ends?

19. WFT-JONES-QB Washington needs love and affection. They show how desperate they are by grabbing a quarterback who is used to playing for stacked teams.

20. BEARS-DARRISHAW-OL Protect your quarterback and solidify the run game. Simple choice.

21. COLTS-JENKINS-OL The Colts need to show how nasty that offensive line can be. He is a welcomed addition to the best offensive line in football.

22 . TITANS-MOERHING-S After getting rid of Malcolm Butler and Adoree Jackson, Kevin Byard can use a hand.

23. JETS-BARIMORE-DT Robert Saleh starts to form the team in his own image. Stop the run.

24. STEELERS-HUMPHERY-C the Steelers have lost Andrew Villanueva, Marcus Gilbert, and Pouncey at the center position. You need a running back, but you need lineman more.

25. JAGS-OJULARI-EDGE For the rebuild, you need a safety, a tackle, and a tight end, plus some pass rush. Jacksonville was dead last in sacks accumulated.

26. BROWNS-DAVIS-LB Cleveland might actually be a valuable commodity to bet on in 2021. They need more production out of the linebacker core.

27. RAVENS-PHILLIPS-EDGE Baltimore has issues on the offensive line, defensive line, linebacker position, and wide receiver position. They start to fix that with the two first rounders they have.

28. SAINTS-OSSAI-LB The Saints couldn’t afford their defense. Time to start building from the ground up. Might as well start deep in the heart of Texas.

29.Packers-MAYFIELD-OL The NFC Championship Game exposed how bad the Packers line was without Bakhtiari. The loss of Ryan Bulaga just shows how vulnerable that offense can be.

30. BILLS-HARRIS-RB Some will say there’s absolutely no way Najee Harris makes it to number 30. Others say that this is a match made in heaven. This is exactly what Buffalo needs.

31 RAVENS-via Chiefs- TONEY-WR Baltimore knows that he’ll be gone at the beginning of the second round. You might as well grab him now before it’s too late.Thank you KC.

32 BUCS- ROUSSEAU-DE Jason Pierre-Paul will no longer be with the team after the 2021 Super Bowl rerun. They draft his clone to learn, adapt, and improvise once Pierre-Paul finishes his career with the Buccaneers.