Even the losers, win twice…

Counted out before the Super Bowl even started, Floridians were given a treat as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dismantled the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. Tampa Bay was better in all three phases of the game. The Buccaneers made Super Bowl history by being the first team to ever host the Super Bowl and play in it. However skeptics critics and so-called analysts believed that Tampa didn’t have a chance in this game. But this is why they play the game.

Leonard Fournette amassed a total of 135 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday. The balanced attack of rushing and passing was a key piece to how they beat the Chiefs.Leonard Fournette(on his mentality tonight) “Tom preached all week that they’re [Chiefs] are first in the league in yards after carries and yards after catch too. They’re run defense wasn’t that good so I take pride in that – knowing those guys don’t want to tackle and sometimes you make a guy miss, but at the same time punch them in the mouth & @ the end of the game they’re not going to want to tackle and that’s exactly what happened.”

Being complimented by Ronald Jones, the running backs totaled 150 yards rushing; 145 total after negative attempts from Tom Brady and Scottie Miller.A balanced offensive attack was needed to keep Kansas City off course, and questioning the entire night. it wasn’t long for frustration to start bearing its ugly head, especially when penalties went against the Chiefs defense. Chris Jones stated that penalties killed the Chiefs: They sustained drives which turned into eventual points.

Tom Brady may have won the MVP award for his performance against the chiefs, but the true MVP was defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. When asked about the game plan on how he was going to slow down Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill in order to utilize his linebackers to play freely, this was his response.

Todd Bowles questioned on what their blueprint was to shutting down Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, to allow the linebackers to swarm) “Well we tried to pay a lot of attention to them early and make sure that they didn’t get off to start the game. Last time that we play ed them, they got off to a fast start and we never recovered and lost by three. This time, we thought if we cleaned up some mistakes and tried to cover them up a little bit, we could get going and get in a groove, and those guys did that and that’s a credit to them, studying the game plan for two weeks.”

Players who weren’t originally with the team ended up being instrumental key pieces to the victory. Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, and Leonard Fournette were the leading catalyst in the Super Bowl victory. Considering the dominance displayed, one would wonder if they would keep the key pieces together.Rob Gronkowski traveled back in time to regain his old form, catching 6 of 7 targets, amassing 67 yards and 2 touchdowns. Antonio Brown could barely hide his happiness; but manage to contain his emotions when speaking on the culmination of his redemption tour.
Antonio Brown(on the likelihood of staying in Tampa) “Man I’d love to, I look forward to going through the process, this is a great spot for me & I would love to come back & give it another shot at a 2-peat. He had 5 catches for 22 yards & a TD.

How sweet must it have been for long-term Buccaneers players to break through and become the champions of the NFL. Mike Evans is the only wide receiver in NFL history, to have 1000 yard seasons to start a career; 7 in retrospect. His continued brilliance has finally been highlighted in the 2020 season with so much adversity. however, one could only wonder how far the success can continue without his running mate Chris Godwin.
Mike Evans(On what it would mean to have WR Chris Godwin back in 2021)“It would mean the world. I’ve been thinking about that for a while. You’re not supposed to think about things like that, but in this business, you have to. We know he’s up but I hope we do everything in our power to keep him. He’s such an unbelievable player and teammate. If we don’t have Chris Godwin, it’s going to be so tough for me and the squad, as well. We’ve got to get ‘CG’ back. He’s the ultimate team player and he’s a hell of a receiver.”
Evans had 1 catch for 31 yards.

The entire night felt like a get back from all of the negative comments and overlooking that the Kansas City Chiefs secondary were stating during Super Bowl media week. Braushan Breeland stated that Tampa Bay has a good wide receiver corps {comma} and he would take pleasure in showing that the Kansas City Chiefs secondary could shut them down. That didn’t happen; Breeland was picked on constantly by Tampa Bay receivers. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now Kings of the NFL; not just the NFC South. With Tom Brady already stating that he has ambitions of plane until he is 45 {comma} a back-to-back is certainly in the works. On the opposite spectrum, coach Andy Reid was proud of his players, and spoke on some of the reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs were unable to repeat as champions. The running game of the Kansas City Chiefs was partially successful. But in the stats lies an underwhelming issue as to why they could not repeat; how the yards on the ground were obtained. The Chiefs had 107 yards rushing as a whole. Clyde Edwards-Hilaire gained 64 yards, Tyreek Hill and Darrel Williams had 5 yards each. Patrick Mahomes ran for 33 yards, and his life for most of the night. Depressional Patrick my homes was immense, and a key reason as to why he was never comfortable in the pocket.

Andy Reid (on the lack of run game early) “I could’ve done a better job of helping him out with the run game. I could’ve given him more opportunities where we could’ve run the football.”
Mahomes was sacked 3 times, and pressured 29 times. My homestead of excellent job of scrambling and buying time for his receivers, hence the sacks would have been double the amount. from the defensive line, to the linebacking core, to the young Tampa Bay secondary, it was a dominant performance that put the rest of the NFL on notice. free agency might take a couple of pieces, but this Tampa Bay buccaneer squad will be back in 2021 to defend their throne of dominance.

By the way, Tom Brady has now etched his name in history once again. Being the only quarterback to ever play in 10 super bowls, he now has more Super Bowl rings than any franchise in the NFL. He also has more Super Bowl wins (7) then 18 NFL franchises. The G.O.A.T debate is officially over. Embrace the NFC champions, enjoy the wave of success from Tampa sports, and prepare for the next season…

Until then, don’t forget to fire the cannons.

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