Carson Wentz Needs to Step Up, or Step Out of Philadelphia

Sean Gaida


During the saga of the Philadelphia Eagles revamping their entire coaching staff, Eagles fans received shocking news when Adam Schefter stated on 97.5 The Fanatic that Carson Wentz’s future in Philadelphia is coming to an end. Schefter remarked this following statement on the show.

“If I had to guess, I would guess he is traded. That would be my guess, okay? At some point this offseason. They’re not looking to get rid of him. They’re not.”

Only three weeks ago, Nick Sirianni was named head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, and it seemed like the new head coach was willing to work with the 6th year quarterback in order to start him week 1 of the 2021-2022 NFL season. Sirianni has a history of helping struggling quarterback gain back their mojo, such as Andrew Luck & Jacoby Brissett in Indianapolis, as well as Phillip Rivers in San Diego and Indianapolis. In 2018, Andrew Luck had his best passer rating and completion percentage under Sirianni, while Rivers improved on his completion percentage, passer rating & interception totals while under construction the Birds new head coach. Though Philadelphia’s new head coach has stated that their will be a quarterback battle heading into the 2021 training camp, Carson had a legitimate chance to earn back the starting quarterback position for the Eagles. This is not the case currently because Carson Wentz reportedly wants to be traded out of Philadelphia.

What is frustrating to all Eagles fans is that since week 12 of 2020-2021 season, Wentz has failed to address the media in regards to his irritation with Doug Pederson & the Philadelphia Eagles organization. While many can look at this situation as Wentz trying to avoid any potential issues with the organization, this cannot be the case. Eagles fans ponder to wonder why Wentz has stayed so silent, but Wentz has generally never been the individual to criticize the organization publicly throughout his 5 year career. As we all know now, it is time for Carson Wentz to stand in front of the media and address the situation.

Veterans such as Zach Ertz, Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox & Brandon Graham have stuck up for Wentz, and reports have come out over the past months criticizing Wentz for his actions. While most of the fan base understands Wentz may not be tough enough to play in Philadelphia(especially when he doesn’t play well), reports have emerged stating that Wentz had a horrible relationship with Doug Pederson & a bad ongoing relationship with Howie Roseman. With the recent firing of Doug Peterson, it is clear as broad daylight that Carson Wentz despises How Roseman’s presence in the Eagles organization. While all Philadelphia fans can assume the hatred was sparked by drafting Jalen Hurts in the second round, the animosity seems to have been brewing for multiple years.

Howie Roseman has drafted J.J. Arcega-Whiteside & Jalen Reagor in the past two drafts in replacement of D.K. Metcalf and Justin Jefferson, whom are two of the most promising young wide receivers. In 2020, Arcega-Whiteside totaled 85 yards and 1 touchdown while rookie Jalen Reagor had 396 yards and 1 touchdown as well. In comparison, Metcalf and Jefferson totaled for over 2700 receiving yards and 17 total touchdowns. To ensure the offensive line, Roseman had decided to bring back Jason Peters over the past three seasons, yet Peters age has affected his speed and mobility tremendously. While their had been injuries to the offensive line this season to starters Andre Dillard, Lane Johnson, and Brandon Brooks, Roseman approached the draft with a mindset to acquire quarterbacks and wide recievers. Carson Wentz has the reasoning to be furious with Howie Roseman and the Eagles organization, but Wentz ultimately owes an apology to Eagles fans and his die hard supporters.

Currently rumored amongst the Carson Wentz trade talks, the Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and the Denver Broncos seem to be the front runners for Wentz and his 3 year contract. The Colts have offered 2 second round picks for Wentz and Ertz, while the Bears have offered a first round pick and Eagles 2018 Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. While both offers seem enticing, Wentz cap hit of 32 million dollars does not justify either trade. The Eagles must stay stingy with Wentz trade talks, and at the bare minimum, the Eagles must receive 2 first round picks.

Until Carson Wentz is traded, all Eagles fans ponder to think how the 2016 2nd overall draft pick is suddenly old news in Philadelphia, and how the promising future of Wentz seems to have taken its final toll.